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About me

I was born in Békéscsaba Hungary in 1949. I am an economist by profession. I retired as a lecturer of different economic subjects at the Pannon University Veszprém in 2012.

As a photographer I have been greatly inspired by the works of Eugene Adget, Diane Arbus, Imre Benkő, Péter Korniss, Eugene Smith, and Lenke Szilágyi. I am mainly interested in black and white photography, autonomous reports and portraits. In spite of the fact that our world is congested with a huge amount of pictures I believe that even a single photograph can have the strength to stop its spectator and get her or him to meditate. I believe that good photos are transmitting the personality of their author. As American photographer Ansel Adams wrote: “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”


2014–2017: Camera Anima Free School Budapest, photography faculty (diploma consultant: Lenke Szilágyi).
2000–2001: Association of Hungarian Photographers, “Introduction to Professional Photography”, two-semester course (consultants: János Eifert and Klára Szarka).
1983–1984: Buda Photo and Movie Club, one-semester course (lecturer: dr. Dénes Holló).

Individual Exhibitions

  Centre for Research – Traces of Memory from the 20th Century.

FUGA, Budapest Center of Architecture, Budapest, 2019.

Drained-off Pond.

The Small Gallery of Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, Budapest, 2017, curator: Klára Szarka. Event of the Budapest Photo Festival.

  Meanwhile I am travelling.

Vis Major Café House, Budapest, 2012, consultant: Klára Szarka.

  Gay Prides Budapest 1998–2003.

Művész Art Movie, Budapest, 2006, consultant: Klára Szarka. Event of the Budapest Pride Festival.

Group Exhibitions

◻  Participation in international group exhibitions of the Ph21 Gallery Budapest, eight times: Feminine/Masculine, 2016; Motion, 2017; Portraits without Faces, 2017; Feminine/Masculine, 2019, Stories, 2019; -scapes, 2019; Selected works from PH21 exhibitions, 2019; Silence, 2020; curator: Zsolt Bátori.
◻  Diploma work exhibition of the Camera Anima Free School: Portraits of androgynous people. FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture, Budapest, 2017, consultant: Lenke Szilágyi.
◻  Group exhibition of the Free School Camera Anima entitled “Spaces and Forms”. Gallery Bethlen, Budapest, 2016.
◻  Group exhibition of the LIFT Festival: Huge statues of Budapest common spaces. Merlin Theatre, Budapest, 2008.
◻  Group exhibition of Budapest Pride Festival: Landscapes and portraits. Municipal Art Center Gutenberg, Budapest, 2002.

◻ Group exhibition of the MAFOSZ introductory course: Photo series about workers covering the roads with bitumen. Hotel Ibis, Budapest, 2002, curators: János Eifert, Ferenc Markovics and Klára Szarka.


◻  I published photos in the periodicals Beszélő, BUKSZ, and Café Bábel in the 1990s and in the periodical 2000 in 2015.
◻  One of my pics was published in the 20th anniversary album of the Camera Anima Free School, entitled Masters and students in 2015 (eds. Lehel Fuchs and Gabriella Medgyesi).

Photo: Lenke Szilágyi